In a global field where the aesthetic wall has fallen, we ask ourselves daily what our work would be, which we could contribute from the artist's eye to the construction of contemporary imaginaries. I think then that the photographer is there to reveal to us the structure of experience, of the emotional and of the frankness. My camera has impelled me to create images beyond the trade; it has led me to understand how my profession has an ineluctable human component. Each of my portraits has been an individual exploration, sometimes a mirror in which I must observe myself first to go through the experiences of my models. In a way, my visual poetics becomes "surgical": the world shines in new representations; it causes a shock to the observer, leading him to new perceptions. In my series on the events in Parkland I seek to emotionally, conceptually and aesthetically connect the viewer with each one of the micro-stories that my characters hide. These characters are not born from fiction, but from a reality so implausible that it deserves to be understood from the image and the word. Hence, I constantly nourish the interview, an investigative tool that has allowed me to encode and rewrite from a more visceral and introspective look the reality and the imaginaries of the other: "give me your pain and I'll burn it all away", as David Best would say. In a world with little free time, plagued by stress, alienation and disconnections with the common present, I dare to destabilize their increasing deafness and blindness. I then propose seconds of truths, narratives of a recent past, spaces of pain and individual travel.
I understand photography as a graphic document of my time, of hic et nunc (the here and now), expressed from an intimate perspective and an anthropological character of my surrounding world. I focus on documenting those fissures in History through the supposed immateriality of personal stories that are transmitted to voices, glances, experiences. For this reason I dare to freeze the subjects frontally, without sweeteners, perhaps as a way to generate a historical memory through the intimate study of personal experience. I do not cease to manifest humanity and its behavior, to capture it in its varied forms and disguises. And for this reason I take digital photography as the main technique, which allows me to create new contrasts in the content of the photographic body. I weave my pieces, especially the portraits, as a kind of mosaic of anecdotes, stories or elements. These recreate a cultural identity and little visible, but that includes in its interior a greater and deeper History of localities like Boca Raton, Parkland or Ottawa itself (evident in my series People who makes a difference). I intend, with each work, to defend the metaphors that nourish the life of different subjects, and thus fight against the daily shadows of silence ...

Fran Ages is an Ottawa photo based artist specializing in portraiture and fine art photography.  She graduated from the two year Portfolio Program at the School of Photographic Arts (SPAO), Ottawa, Canada


Boca Raton School of Photography, Boca Raton, Florida
RA Photography Club, Ottawa, Canada
Guest Speaker, Namat,  Ottawa, Canada
Guest Speaker, Balen Isle, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
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